Reviews of  'To Kill a Klown' CD

"Perfect music for a summers day..." Nik S. Blog

"I'm often surprised where, and how, Infrastition [Records] discovers old bands. Tom's Midnight Garden was a British
band active in the early 80s, which seems like having released tapes only. It must be really surprising [not really!...ed] for this trio to get their old songs released on CD 27 years after their original outing.

This album features the so-called 'Complete 1984 Studio Sessions' of 13 songs. The sound takes us back to the early years of new wave, but there's a strong post-punk influence as well. I suspect Tom's Midnight Garden was deeply impressed by the work of the Sex Pistols. The song 'Nigel' and especially the title song is quite close to the spirit of the Pistols. Though there isn't the similar 'punk' attitude emerging from the lyrics, the sound and vocals are noticeable links. The bass lines are more new wave minded. "Estella" is a damned efficient song evoking the darker years of new-wave music.

More and more Infrastition becomes a label for 80s collectors. I'm sure 'To Kill a Klown' will catch the attention of this little group of diehard fans."

 (ED:6/7)ED for Sideline Magazine

"The music industry might be in deep crisis as they say, but this doesn't stop music fanatics to search pearls from the past (or very expensive vinyl collectors) and give them a proper reissue. A very nice example of this must be the French label Infrastition. True archivists of the very rich French underground, Infrastition also concentrates from to time on productions from beyond their borders: Tom's Midnight Garden for instance are British.

Named after the famous childnovel by Philippa Pearce, three Brits Dev, Bill and Kappa decided to make their entrance in the British underground circa 1984. After some gigs their future seemed to be bright but at the moment their record was completed to get released on the 96 Tapes label, the band decided to call it quits and the album never saw daylight. Years later Infrastition took care of it , with some extra songs as a bonus. We can easily imagine that back then there were more than one band around who sounded like Tom's Midnight Garden and totally missed the boat, but still it's a delight to hear those sounds back (true musicfans certainly will do remember that once we used to do that with tapes).

Their sound lays between the deathrock of Play Dead and the punky sound of Spizz Energi. Where Spock hangs out is still a mystery but what we do know is that Tom Midnight's Garden is available at the better recordstore, Wool-E Shop for instance. For those who like Death Rock, Gothic, Punk and Post Punk. 7/10"

Didier BECU, Peek-A-Boo Magazine

"...for those who were and still are into the better elements of Anarcho Punk especially those who liked Rubella Ballet. Also elements of Siouxsie And The Banshees can be heard on this release too! All in all better than what others are doing at the moment. 8/10"
Steve DIY, Street Voice Magazine