All lyrics © DEV / While Angels Watch except * © Aleister Crowley

    The day has come, I cannot forsake / My coffin full of keepsake / Where twisted souls scream again And echo through unclean domain / I take a walk in retrospect To memories end - to resurrect / The ghost of this is the death in me / Must smash the chains of our debris / But they won't break and I can't leave / The monument for which I grieve / Here is the stench of stale desire / The ash of times that were once fire

SHADOW OVER SHADE    If we weren't held from strings / I could rise above those things / That pull me down / Where do we go now? / We've taught each other how / To kiss the ground / I can't keep the wolf from your door / You can't keep me this side of the grave / Everything we do falls short / A failure and a charade // There's something in the air / That leaves me in despair / When you hear me wrong / Is there any trust / To crush into dust / Now that day is done? / Watching you melt into tears / Sensations that do not belong come rushing in / But I'm the bones at the feast / When I see you try so hard to repress a smile // What is it that ever is, what is it that ever was?

  This lands breath is stagnant / Trees stand dead in the concrete fields / While the world is raped by traitors / Who turn the destruction wheel / The smell and the blood of their prophet / Pollutes the soil; the old gods sigh / As fear infested sermons / Possess the blind sheep to nullify // In this valley of power / The channels open and fuel the flame / On to the vale of secrets / Then departure from this rotting stage / No rest for the mortal man / As coming events cast their shadows before / Let the final battle commence / With the call of a wolf and the hammer of Thor

  "The world is done, when in the darkness  Chaos rolls again" / Ways of glory summon me in my dreams / To wade through the past as an end to my means / This wheel I hold, I do not control / My spirit in the hands of Allfather's soul / There are no more maps, no more philosophies Just a calling that lures, a rattle of keys //  Such moments of solitude the Isle of Glass / This wheel keeps  turning my consciousness / Where desire always leaves me one step behind / Spellbound once again I turn to my guide Assuming a freedom its powers deny Denying its powers you pass freely by

ANGEL    I can't even remember your face now we're apart / But your soul still flies with mine / I wait for your body and I wait for your love / The past never happened / In this desolate place

A GENTLE DEATH   I've got you under my skin and it's never felt so warm / I never thought we'd be here now, the calm before the storm / The strength I have to hold you - you give to me / All the days have found their names you are my parody // Some kind of love grew in me last night / And now we're alone lets-a-hold on so tight / It's so hard to be fair with life this shade of blue / It's so easy to hurt when love is still new //  Breakfast in bed never was so good, honey never tasted so sweet / I've got no regrets my love, you make my life complete / And when you turn away to cry I'll be there to dry each tear / But sometimes when the morning breaks I just wish that you weren't here // It's a feeling I feel when I hold you too tight No one's to blame I just hate you tonight / All these memories you are nothing could replace / If I could only find something new in your face // I know you want a gentle death / Like the way she left me down by the sea

KILL   Where are you? Sadie, where are you? I need you Where are you? I'm hypnotised at the gate / I'm in a trance and I wait / I've found the strength to unleash my will / You lived in fear tonight you shall live in pain / Will you tell? Sadie Will you tell?

SOLITARY   So alone upon your stage / So far from home / No one hears you cry / No one ever heard your cry / Fame isn't quite what you thought it would be / Alone / Still / Solitary // And as the fog comes down / You realise / You've gone to far to turn / No Paradise

  Show me I'm alive / Discover me again / When I look into the glass I see another man / With so much death around / And so much dead inside / There is no escape for energy / So we fuck to feel alive // The shallow ocean of tender passion / Leads memories landscapes to obsession While dreams of mysteries unfolding / Remain sealed in private yearning / Conjured by desires poison Nurtured by devotions demon / An angel born to fill with love / Becomes the beast, the slayer of life

THE AXLE*   In silence of all deed, or word, or thought / So that we name It not, or name It Naught / This is the Truth behind the lie called God / This blots the heavens, and indwells the clod / This is the centre of all spheres, the flame / In men and stars, the Soul behind the name / The spring of Life, the axle of the Wheel / All-mover, yet the One Thing immobile / Adore It not, for It adoreth thee / The shadow-shape of Its eternity / Lift up thyself! be strong to burst thy bars! For lo! thy stature shall surpass the stars

  Wish you could see me now / That I've found the wings / You stole from me / Give me strength again // You can't touch me now / With your selfish eyes / I am flying high / Above your lies, in the skies // Here I am / Watching the sun rise / After years of sleep / It's time for me to reap // If the portents show / Trouble on the wind / Come and go / We are revolving / In the wind

  Another tear falls to the floor / I need her loving touch once more / Sometimes it's so hard to be strong / In a world where I just don't belong / And if time truly heals the pain / Tell me why she's dancing in my brain / Around the tree of life we had sown / Our spear of destiny never thrown //  I feel like a drowning man, struggling for air / Hear myself call her name as I curl into the chair / Memories falling like snow, so cold in my heart / Try to give up the ghost but I just don't want to part  //  There it is her laugh again / She haunts my soul as a burning flame / But I know there's no one really here / Just dream-scenes to calm my fear / Then I raise my head, open my eyes / You stand before me like a sunrise / A smile across your glowing face / That brings me back from a lonely place // I feel like a drowning man being dragged towards the light / That shines on another door and my own path through this life / Memories fading like spells, broken by your charms / Falling in love again and she's in heavens arms