All lyrics © DEV / While Angels Watch

CROSSING THE TIDE OF TIME     No season visits me, no cycle, no change / Without you my life is Sunday and rain / Until the time comes when my soul is freed / The sun it won't shine, the cold it won't leave // I know I'll never touch your skin / And mine is a cell, imprisoned within / Your life is a time that died long before me / That I seek, though I'm lost, alone in my dreams // All through the day frustration inside / Eats away, devouring my mind / With paintings and pictures I deify you / And await your arrival - a forbidden rendezvous // I know I'll never touch your skin / While mine is the cell I'm imprisoned within / But my life is a time, and time allows me / To shape what I find, in ages in dreams //  Lately your face has been looking so pale / My vision is fading, your figure seems frail / With death, reaping scythe, the horsemen shall ride / Me to you, finally at home by your side

MOONCHILD   The cry of a child, a cry I once knew / Breaks the still of the night as I weep to the moon / The obsession of will, its torture and pain / Takes form in the air as the candlelight wanes / Angel you are and will always be / I'm passing through states but always playing one scene / I lay with a body for you to possess / As direction grows stronger I leave the flesh / Within you once more time draws to an end / Without you again the truth seems to bend / The past is tomorrow, illusions now seen / I move in you tonight let's live that which has been // Beside her I wake up to another dawn / As I watch her turn over I know you have gone / Back to the body you dare not betray / But I can't fight the feeling that leads me astray / So I still search while walking blind / For the key to your door and the secret time hides / To peel back the mask that bares the lines / And expose the light through which your soul will shine // Through all of these years my will was the guide / But as my balance explodes, two worlds collide / I'm dragging you down as you walk home alone / You rise up a goddess where the angels roam / "My lover tomorrow, my ghost of today, If I shed my skin tonight will you stay?" // I hear you calling, I hear you calling / Your voice it rides upon the wind

EYE FOR EYE     You servants of false power / You who go nowhere / Just to a bottomless pit / Of dreamless sleep Drowning us & ours / In your filth // You know what you do / And do nothing that is true / You are damaging our health / You cannot redeem yourself  // Murder it tastes sweet / The smell it is strong / An eye for an eye / If I took yours would it be wrong? An eye for an eye / If I took yours would it be wrong?  //  Eye for eye / Unsheathe the sword / Eye for eye / On the governing hoard / Eye for eye / Unsheathe the sword / Eye for eye / Time to meet your Lord / Eye for eye / All those that are wronged / Eye for eye / Come join our song / Eye for eye / For those who are wronged / Eye for eye / Come join our song / Eye for eye / All those that are wronged / Eye for eye / Come join our song / A Gift for a gift! 

THE WAITING GROUND    I can feel a cloak of bitterness enshroud / My heart lost in storm clouds / Alone I stand within a place that I call home / Oh how I used to roam / And you will not return to the shore of this strange land / To fill an empty man / Seems all I do is wait and sit and wonder how / I think I know it now //  And as the time goes by more thoughts of you are lost / Melt into the frost / The longer that I stay the more it numbs the pain / Here love can't remain / Around me the fog falls and all I feel is bone / Safe among my own / Seems all I do is live in a place to die / I think I know just why // It's dark / Grow cold / It's dry / Grow old / In the waiting ground // And why should I be found when you know that I am bound to the waiting ground