All lyrics © DEV / While Angels Watch

THE WAITING GROUND    I can feel a cloak of bitterness enshroud / My heart lost in your cloud / Alone I stand within a place that I call home / Oh how I used to roam / And you will not return to the shore of this strange land / To fill an empty man / Seems all I do is wait and ask myself just how? / I think I know it now // Its dark grow cold, its dry grow old / In the Waiting Ground / its dark grow cold, its dry grow old / In the Waiting Ground // And as the time goes by more thoughts of you are lost / Melt into the frost / The longer that I stay the more it numbs the pain / Here love can't remain / Watching the fog fall til all I feel is bone Safe among my own / Seems all I do is live in a place to die / I think I know just why // It's dark grow cold, its dry grow old / In the Waiting Ground / its dark grow cold, its dry grow old /  In the Waiting Ground // And why should you return when you know that I am bound /  To the waiting ground

BURN LIKE ICE   You stop me running / Each moment forever / How can you do this / Filling empty spaces / With nothing? / Each movement alone // Falling through emotions / You touch and I shake / Am I tasting your soul? / Why do I fell like this? / When your eyes / Start turning to stone // Show me your tears, pleasure from pain / Nights you don't speak if I disobey / Oh I'd turn the tables - reveal my woe / But strength through joy I don't think you know / So I'll drive it in deep, watch the blood spray / Nights I don't sleep - the games you make me play // Every time you shout I want you more / Every time you hate I love you more / Every time you shout I want you more / Every time you love I hate you more / Every time you shout I want you more / Every time you leave I need you more // I want more ... // You burn like ice // Crush me...

WULF   Its here once more to summon me down / To the depths, I want to drown / All the love that I gave you / Just thrown away, you never knew did you? / So I must still seek the pearl / That I have sought on the shores of the world // The time has come to leave your side / For I am no good without my pride / See me run with the wolf that calls / Down in my soul, down I fall / To a place of strength, my weakness now chained / Though memories are left, it numbs the pain // I remember your lies - tears sting my eyes / And all those woeful feelings rise / Did you ever care, don't matter no more / I just tried to show you something pure / But you fool me not / You understand / For I have seen you there, lost soul in the dreamers land // I ride with the wolf...

TO A SAFER PLACE   Time slips by just like a thief, grinning, as we grow old / Living in a shattered shell, a life foretold / Echoes of laughter, ghosts in this room / Running from the thought of her, back to the womb // Awoke and saw the sun today, I never thought I would // The night went on and on and on, this time she's gone for good // And all I see in this damned world is her face, her face, her face // But I'm not looking back, no, I've had enough of waste // Must pick myself up from the floor / Travel to some distant shore / Leave memories here to burn in hell / I could be happy, who can tell

HER LONELY WORLD   He could come back / He could return / Oh he could come back / Yes, he could return

ANTICIPATION   Take my hand and I'll take you on / A trip to where the blind can see / We'll lose ourselves in times great wheels / Become one with what we feel / As we approach / The journeys end /  I feel the little death descend / And focus on an act of will // It seems like love but I feel strange / Force the hand of chance and change / It seems like love but I feel strange / Force the hand of chance and change // Until I return to you / And we lay still
THE SUN WILL RISE AGAIN   I can't see for the trees / Dragged through slow ridden by the waste / I just smell you in the breeze / Like some animal searching for prey // The Sun will rise / Again // Tell me where we're going / And where we have been / For me love has stopped growing / You just don't seem like you // The Sun will rise / Again / Again // 
There is a game behind a smile / There is a game behind a smile / There is a game behind a smile / There is a game behind a smile // Storm clouds brew again

IN HEAVENS ARMS   Another tear falls to the floor / I need her loving touch once more / Sometimes it's so hard to be strong / In a world where I just don't belong / And if time truly heals the pain / Tell me why she's dancing in my brain / The tree of life that we had sown / A spear of destiny never thrown // I feel like a drowning man, struggling for air / Hear myself call her name as I curl into the chair / Memories falling like snow - so cold in my heart / Try to give up the ghost but I just don't want to part // There it is her laugh again / She haunts my soul this burning flame / But I know there's no one really here / Just dream-scenes to calm my fear / Then I raise my head, open my eyes / You stand before me like a sunrise / A smile across your glowing face / That brings me back from a lonely place // I feel like a drowning man being dragged towards the light / That shines on another door and my own path through this life / Memories fading like spells broken by your charms / Falling in love again, while she's in heavens arms

DAWN   Like a snake shedding its skin / Must burn the old to be born again / I never thought that you'd see me cry / I never thought that we'd say goodbye / But here I am, an island once more A broken man, life again a jigsaw / On this new day...

REVENGE   This evening I saw you again / Dancing with another man And though there's someone at my side / She cannot send back your tide / Crashing in against my heart / The aching inside turning sharp / I had a life before you / 
And I know what I must do / I just wish that I could turn away / Never think of yesterday / Never dive into your eyes / Empty beauty, full of lies // Woman, how soon you fell / Back to where you used to dwell / So many dreams you have unmade / I have never felt so betrayed / So don't presume the anger's gone / From the soul you feast upon / Deeds you try to justify / But still I can hear your cry / No longer can I watch you hide / Behind a laugh that sounds so tired / At last removing the blindfold / To serve the dish best eaten cold

IN THE WIND   Wish you could see me now / That I've found the wings / You stole from me / Give me strength again // You can't touch me now / With your selfish eyes / I am flying high / Above your lies, in the skies // Here I am / Watching the sun rise / After years of sleep / It's time for me to reap // If the portents show / Trouble on the wind / Come and go / We are revolving / In the wind

 HAPPINESS  Still your name is like a prayer / In bed I turn and you're not there / I knew you would have to leave / I cannot make sense of my grief / Drowning sorrow in the tears I shed / When your love died, and now instead / I'll look for all the joy I missed / While I was captured by your kiss // Sometimes I confuse myself / Self-deprecation harms your health / Healing time come now to me / Relax and find some space to breathe // I shall hold my head up high / I shall reach up to the skies / Maybe I will catch a star / Bring it back to shine on our world // Like raindrops beating against a wall / Like a waterfall upon my soul / Like raindrops beating against a wall / Like a waterfall upon my soul...

HEART OF GRACE   Oh it's a mountain that we all must climb / Sometimes I think that the devil made mine / But life I know, and I won't lie down / I'd rather smile than wear a frown // This moment in time will not come again / The roles that have been cast we will not play again // I made the time to look inside / I found a friend who used to hide / I will act, then I will wait / For life to bring a cause to celebrate // This world seems to live upon days of grace / We must combat our fears - meet them face to face / So when it's nearly dawn and you still can't sleep /  Will you rise and seize the day, or lie down with the sheep // What has gone before does not matter any more / What has gone before does not matter any more

The evening's clinging to my skin / A thousand questions making my head spin / I'm caught in a web, dazed by the potion / Feel my heart beat with savage emotion / Five minutes ago I thought you were mine / I'd almost forgotten how bright life could shine / Now I'm trying to cry, playing the scene / Wondering what woke you from the dream // All my life I've been searching, searching / For something / For someone / For something to grow // I remember that night, I remember the rain / And all I want to do is do it again / Intoxicate me, I don't need to subsist / There is no sweeter poison than your kiss / I'd drive out your ghosts, turn you around / Take the mysteries of love to a higher ground /  I wish you'd tell me why I'm letting you go / Without taking the chance and watching love grow // All my life I've been searching, searching / For something / For someone / For something to grow